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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Top 10 Mexico Specials

I'm obsessed with Mexico, its my favorite, always has been and always will be. I would for sure live there if I could, but lets face it....

Mi español no es muy buena, en absoluto,(A menos que sea una emergencia...cuando la policía,y cárcel está involucrado... en estas circunstancias es algo llega a ser fluant). Milagros existen! No tengo emploment o lugar permanente al llamado "Mi Casa", y no quiero Brooklyn a crecer pensando que es Mexicano. Oh pobres me, ¿por qué no puedo hacer y tienen todo quiero? Simplemente no es justo, bueno, suficiente complaing...

so... I guess I'll except the fact that I can't live there and dwell on the top 10 reasons why I love it soo much!

1. It's Mexico!

2. It's the beach! (Excellent beach days include boys, guitars, and Dashboard Confessionals/Jack Johnson being played on these guitars).

3. Flavios! pina coladas (virgin of course, who do you think I am?), carne asada and El Pasor tacos from that one shack, with that straw roof, on that one road??? Extactly! yummmmmmm...

4. No cell phones, yay!

5. Bon fires and sleeping outside on the balcony. But if you really want to get mosquito bites...Sleep on a blanket directly on the beach,.. happens every time, guaranteed.

6. Getting to wear your swimsuit from the first 5 minutes you arrive until the last five minutes before you leave (yes, that does involve sleeping and showering in it).

7. Quad, dirt bike, jeep, and excursion sinking adventures in the estuary that will most likely always end in injury.

8. Mexican Diet coke, it tastes like candy! Speaking of candy... Watermelon suckers from "The Candy Shop"

9. Getting to sit in front of the princess Jasmin house and fantasize about it belonging to me.

10. Getting Freakin tan! oh yeah and saving beached dolphins (no joke! yes, this really did happen, I named the lil guy Sparrow). Thats all!

I miss it already, time to go back!

Si usted puede leer lo que escribí en español entonces su mis favoritos!


  1. Lover your spanish is so good! i understood alot of it ha ha! Im so jealous!

  2. lol yeah Ive been practicing real hard! Come to Mexico with me so you can practice too, I won't try to kill you this time I swear! haha!

  3. HEY GIRL! i MISS YOU, YOU ARE MY FAVORITE GIRL. your so cute i love your style. I have heard about your douch X im sorry im writing this on here but it pisses me off. You have so much to offer. You will find someone who will respect and adore you forever. But in the mean time live it up and get all the free dinners you can:) love ya take care

  4. Samantha! I was totally thinking about how much I missed you and our Provo adventures together just the other day! It's cool, It's all I've ever known. I think there must be a sign stuck on me somewhere that says "D.bags welcome, please treat me like shiz, I love it!" Jk but seriously... YOU CRACK ME UP! I MISS YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE! Invite me to your blog right now! We need to catch up you should call me! Love you!